Seether Explain Genesis of Latest Rock Single, ‘Tonight’


Story by Anne Erickson

Drummer thinks latest single is ‘the best of pop-rock for Seether’

Post-grunge philanthropists Seether know how to make a rock hit. From the early days “Fine Again” and “Driven Under” off 2002’s Disclaimer to “Country Song” from 2011’s Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray, the South African band’s history is crammed with chart-topper after chart-topper. Add “Tonight” to that legacy. The yearning ballad is Seether’s current single, and it recently climbed to No.2 on the active rock chart. The song will also be used by the WWE for a tribute to retired superstar the Edge over the following weeks. 

“Tonight” almost didn’t make the album, Seether drummer John Humphrey recently told Audio Ink Radio. ‘“Tonight” is one of the last songs we wrote,” he said. “Shaun [Morgan, frontman] had put together a demo for the song, and he was playing it for Dale [Stuart, bass player] and I.  Each day on the way to the studio, we would stop at Starbucks or another coffee shop to get our morning coffee before going into the studio, because we were on Brendan’s day schedule, and we’re kind of night owls, so we definitely partook in the caffeine to kind of jump start. We were sitting in line at Starbucks, and Shaun started playing the demo off his iPod, and we were like, “This song is awesome, man.””

Humphrey added that the guys felt extremely compelled to do the song because “it’s a super strong song. It was very melodic and just the best of pop-rock for Seether. I think it’s a really strong song and a great single.” It sounds like the band’s instincts were dead on.

Seether have spent the better part of the summer touring on the Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival, and after the tour closes out Friday (Oct. 14) in Mountain View, Calif., they’ll take a break and then pick up a sequence of shows in South Africa and Europe. The overseas trek is a welcomed one, since it’s been two years since Seether have toured either province.


Anne Erickson
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