Crossfade Debut ‘Prove You Wrong’ Video with Anti-Bullying Message


Story by Anne Erickson

Watch: Crossfade’s new video for ‘Prove You Wrong’

The finest rock bands bring a poignant message with their heavy tracks, and in line with that ethic, South Carolina-based hard rock band Crossfade have tagged an anti-bullying campaign with their latest single, “Prove You Wrong,” and the song’s complimenting music video. Watch the video, which features trippy performance footage from the group as well as some killer animation, below.

October was anti-bullying month, and that’s when Crossfade’s “Prove You Wrong” really started to strike a chord with fans. The group recorded a PSA to raise awareness of bullying, and the footage received exposure from CNN host Anderson Cooper. “What’s up? We’re Crossfade, and when it comes to bullying, stand up for yourself and others,” the band states in the PSA. “When you see it, say something. If you experience it, let someone know. And if you do it, stop it!”

Crossfade also launched a Twitter campaign, asking fans to share their bullying stories using the hashtag #proveyouwrong. The response was unreal. “For all of you who’ve passionately supported the #proveyouwrong campaign so far, we’d like to THANK YOU for sharing your stories… ” the band stated on their official Facebook page.

“Prove You Wrong,” which impacts active rock radio Nov. 21, is one of guitarist Les Hall’s favorite songs on Crossfade’s current album, We All Bleed. “Lyrically, it’s about people not believing in you and you proving them wrong,” Hall told Audio Ink Radio. “Musically, it was a completely different song for us. Eddie had the verse and chorus down, and it wasn’t my favorite piece, so when he went out of town, I stole the vocals and put them in a different program and programmed all the electronics around them. I think it’s definitely one of the standout tracks on the record.” Read Audio Ink Radio’s full interview with Hall on the features page. (Photo via Eleven Seven Music.)

Watch Crossfade’s Video for ‘Prove You Wrong’:




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