Evanescence’s Amy Lee Contemplates Second Single


Story by Cat Badra

Evanescence’s Amy Lee discusses follow-up single to, ‘What You Want’

Amy Lee and Evanescence are on the top of the world right now, as they have the No. 1 album in the country with their self-titled, third studio album. The goth-inspired rock band’s debut single off the release, ‘What You Want,’ is quickly ascending up the active rock chart, but if you ask Ms. Lee, the band are already thinking about their next single.

“We’re planning on it being, ‘My Heart is Broken,” Lee told Audio Ink Radio, referring to the fourth track on the release. “The jury is still kind of out, but we have a good handful of songs that all could be singles, so it’s really hard for us to choose right now. Especially now that we’re starting to playing the songs live and starting to hear fan reactions and are seeing which ones really go over well. It’s hard, because sometimes it’s not ones you would expect.”

Lee went on to say that choosing a single is not taken lightly in camp Evanescence. “Finding the right single is a different thing. We can write songs all day without pressure, but when it comes to picking a single, it’s more a decision of, ‘How are we going to reach the masses? Which song is going to make the most people turn up the station?’ I think it’s a hard choice.”

Read Audio Ink Radio’s review of Evanescence’s latest album via the reviews page, and find out why the sound captured on the set is signature Evanescence. Musically, fans of progressive metal, with all of its dramatic mood and theatrical layering, will find plenty to enjoy. (Photo via YouTube.)




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