Franz Ferdinand Guitarist Promises New Music in 2012


Story by Anne Erickson

Franz Ferdinand’s Nick McCarthy: We needed to enjoy playing again

“Take Me Out” alternative rockers Franz Ferdinand are planning a major comeback. Guitarist Nick McCarthy has confirmed to the Daily Record that the Glasgow, Scotland-based hit-makers do, indeed, have new music on their minds, and they’ll reconvene next year to make it happen.

“We’re thinking of doing something again after a bit of a sabbatical,” he said. “We’d toured to excess and needed to enjoy playing again. It is going really well.” Franz Ferdinand hasn’t played a proper tour in two years, so the news of a reunion is certainly overdue.

McCarthy went on to say the guys are finally okay with taking a few years off between albums, whereas before, they wanted to push new music out constantly. “We used to think, what’s wrong with recording an album a year? Then it was, ‘Oh no. We’re changing the system a bit’. These days people write an album for a year and tour for two years. It takes forever.”

McCarthy is currently rocking the six-string with his long-term project, Box Codax, plus planning to release an album on his own, produced by David Cunningham of the Flying Lizards, in January. He’s also composing music for the London Olympics. Although, you aren’t supposed to know the latter endeavor. “That is top secret, which means I shouldn’t have told you,” Martin said, half-joking. “I wrote the music that will be played on the opening day of the Olympics.” (Photo: Franz Ferdinand via Facebook.)




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