Trivium Release Acoustic Version of, ‘Built to Fall’ [First Listen]


Story by Cat Badra

Listen to Trivium’s acoustic rendition of, ‘Built to Fall’

Florida metal boys Trivium are known for ripping it up live with a show that’s extremely plugged in and raring. But now, Trivium are showing their softer side by releasing an acoustic version of their single, “Built to Fall.” Stream the track via the SoundCloud player, below.

“Built to Fall” is the latest song off Trivium’s current album, In Waves, which was released in August and debuted an impressive No. 13 on the Billboard 200. And they say rock and metal is dead? Hardly.  In Waves, presents a neo-thrash collection of aggressive, sonic masterpieces. Read our review of the plugged-in version of, “Built to Fall,” via the reviews page.

Trivium vocalist and guitarist Matt Heafy says the band’s goal with In Waves was to sound true to the style of Trivum. “It’s tricky to describe. We want it to be that this next album just sounds like ‘Trivium,’ he told Music Review. “We may have – probably have – said that every record’s goal is that, and it has been, but this time it’s without question. There have always been experimental songs, since Ascendancy, on our albums, and this time the CD will only have what it is meant to have.”

Heafy added that he hopes to cover a lot of ground with this new album: “There are so many places in the world that we’ve never been to, and a goal of our band is to be able to hang with Trivium friends everywhere in the world at anytime, so we will bust our butts to make that happen as soon as we can.”

Check out Trivium’s Acoustic Version of, ‘Built to Fall’

Trivium – Built to Fall (Acoustic) by Roadrunner Records


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