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Story by Anne Erickson

Soundgarden release special vinyl for Black Friday

The fine folks behind National Record Store Day understand that good music makes the perfect Christmas gift. That’s why they’ve put together exclusive “Back to Black” Black Friday releases, offering special collections from artists who cherish the local record store, all out on Black Friday (Nov. 25).

We’ve already done the research on special Black Friday “Back to Black” releases from the Beastie Boys, the Black Keys, Nirvana and more. Now, we’re adding 1990s grunge rock icons Soundgarden to the list. The band’s Live on I-5—Before the Doors Soundcheck EP, hits your local shop on Black Friday, packaged as a spiffy, 10” colored vinyl. Songs were taped at various soundchecks during the band’s 1996 tour. Find additional details on this set from Chris Cornell and the guys, below, and check out our “5 Black Friday Must-Haves,” to boot.

For a list of stores that participate in Record Store Day events, such as these Black Friday releases, head to the organization’s official website. While not all stores listed will carry all of the promoted items, there’s a good chance the releases won’t be too difficult to find. Still, it’s a smart idea to call up your local store to make sure they stock your chosen item.

Black Friday Find: Live on I-5—Before the Doors Soundcheck EP, 10” colored vinyl.

Have you ever wanted to check out a Soundgarden soundcheck? Of course you have. Well, the next best thing is getting your ears on some recordings straight form a classic Soundgarden soundcheck, especially during the band’s pioneering.

Live on I-5—Before the Doors Soundcheck EP comprises rare soundcheck performances from Soundgarden’s 1996 tour. For the first time, the tracks are available on numbered 10″ colored vinyl. The set is worth it just to check out the band’s crazy cover of the Doors’ “Waiting for the Sun.” More featured tracks include “No Attention” (live in Oakland, 1996), “Never the Machine Forever” (Oakland, 1996), “Room a Thousand Years Wide” (Vancouver, 1996) and “Somewhere” (Sacramento, 1996).


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