Collective Soul Bassist Will Turpin Names What He Wants for Christmas


Story by Anne Erickson

Collective Soul bass slinger looks forward to Christmas with his family

While 2011 brought some downtime for the guys of Collective Soul, 2012 won’t be quite as tame. Collective Soul bass player Will Turpin recently told Audio Ink Radio the ‘90s alternative rockers are back together and working on some new songs, and he thinks 2012 will bring the return of the Soul: “I can’t really say for sure, but there are definitely discussions going on about scheduling that, and songs have been played and started, so we’ve already started some creativity,” he said. “Nothing is really scheduled yet. I would think that the next six months, we’ll get something going on.”

Before the start of the next chapter of Collective Soul, Turpin is looking forward to Christmas with his family. If he could have anything for Christmas, what would he pick? “I’ve got to think about that!” he said, pausing a tad. “Something I could do with the kids. A new toy we could play together. Maybe some remote control helicopters!” Sounds like a good pic for a family man.

Turpin released a fresh solo EP this year called, The Lighthouse, and the five-song set features intimate, piano-based songs with a bit of a funky edge. Title The Lighthouse, he explained, is in reference to a very poignant lyric in the song, “Sailor,” which is featured on the EP. “It basically refers to the fact you can’t really save somebody unless they want to help themselves,” he said. “The Lighthouse is there, but the sailor has to choose to use it.” Read the rest of our interview with Turpin, where he talks more about his solo project and Collective Soul, via this link.




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