Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl Demoing Songs for New Album with Butch Vig


Story by Charles Ken

Dave Grohl and producer Butch Vig have met to listen to Foo Fighters demos

Foo Fighters main man Dave Grohl recently wrote a note to fans on the Foo Fighters’ official website, thanking them for their dedication and support during the band’s most recent, Wasting Light, run. Grohl also mentioned that he’s already thinking about the next Foo Fighters album, and now, things have gone a step further and Grohl has met with Wasting Light (and Nevermind) producer Butch Vig to get a feel for some demos!

Butch Vig tweeted confirmation of his meeting with Grohl last week (Dec. 20): “Spent all day yesterday with Dave at 606 listening to new demos, some great new songs!” Does this mean Foo Fighters’ next album, once again, will have production by Mr. Vig? This tweet is a good indication. As the old adage goes, if it’s not broken, why fix it?

In Grohl’s aforementioned note, he actually hinted at another Butch Vig-produced Foos album and gave the producer chief credit for the success of Wasting Light. He stated that, “most of all, we wanted [the album] to sound huge: That’s why we decided to use Butch Vig. His role in this whole experience is huge, and he deserves a great ‘thanks’, too. Not many producers would accept the challenge that we handed him. He’s the best, for sure. Together, we made the album of a lifetime. Again.”

He added that the Foos are, “not finished yet. There are still more shows to play, more songs to write, more albums to record, for years to come. I mean…..If you would have told me 17 years ago that in 2012 I would be writing songs for our 8th studio album….well….. If it weren’t for you guys, we wouldn’t be here.” (Photo credit: Steve Gullick.)


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