Foster the People Planning ‘Weird Studio Tricks’ for New Album


Story by Cat Badra

Foster the People hope for more success Torches follow-up

Foster the People are certainly the pop-rock darlings of 2011, seeing as the California alternative music outfit went from playing 300-person Los Angeles clubs at the start of the year to a crowd of 50,000-plus at Lollapalooza this past summer.

Now, the guys are making plans for the follow-up to their chart-topping 2011 release, Torches, which snatched the band a crossover hit in, “Pumped Up Kicks,” and a duo of Grammy nominations, to boot.

“There’s definitely musical elements that we’ve talked about — you know, really leaning on the percussive nature of what our live show has turned into this year, and bringing that more out into the second record — just kind of experimenting, doing some different, weird studio tricks; just having fun with it,” frontman Mark Foster told MTV News. “But you never really know until you get under the hood, so we’ll see what happens when we start.”

With all the hoopla surrounding Torches’ success, Foster and the crew have only had a few sparse moments to think about new material. Still, recording fresh music is certainly high on their to-do list. “We’ve gotten to write some stuff on the road so far, but haven’t really gotten to dive into it too much yet,” Foster said. “We’ve just been kind of throwing everything against the wall, idea-wise, like, ‘We should try this and we should try this,’ all these different boundaries to work within, because sometimes it can be really daunting I think, if you don’t have certain boundaries when writing a song.”

Foster the People have planned an ambitious North American tour for 2012, and they’re taking along the Kooks and Tokyo Police Club on select dates. The jaunt begins with back-to-back shows May 29 and 30 in New York City and runs through July 7 in Las Vegas, Nev. Find the itinerary on this page.


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