Foster the People Inspired by the Pixies, the Clash on New Album


Story by Anne Erickson

Foster the People were inspired by the Pixies and the Clash when writing their new album

Foster the People made a good first impression with their 2011 release, “Torches,” which incorporated a fairly electronic, dance-happy vibe. Now, frontman Mark Foster says the band’s next album will sound a great deal different than their first.

“It’s guitar-driven,” Foster told “Rolling Stone.” “I haven’t played this much guitar in a long time, so it’s going to be really fun to play live, because it’s much more organic and more in the vein of the Pixies and Clash and stuff.”

Foster says that he’s extremely happy with the direction of the new album, but he’s not sure how it will be received by fans who loved their last album. “It’s not the record that people are gonna expect us to release second,” he said. “It’s definitely an evolution for us, and it’s a more polarizing record for us, so I’m excited to see how it’s received, for better or worse.”

As for the song titles on the upcoming album, Foster leaked a few: “Beginners Guide to Destroying the Moon,” “Are You What You Wanna Be” and “Nevermind,” the latter not to be confused with the famed Nirvana album by the same name.

Foster the People’s upcoming album is expected to arrive towards the start of 2014.

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