Foster the People’s Mark Foster ‘Experimenting’ on New Album


Story by Charles Ken

Foster the People frontman Mark Foster says new release will sound ‘gritty and surprising’

Alternative rock heartthrobs Foster the People hit it big last year with their hit “Pumped up Kicks” off “Torches,” a poppy nugget that jetted to the top of the alternative rock chart and then crossed over into Top 40 territory. Now, the band are talking about their next release, and singer Mark Foster says he’s shooting to do some major musical experimentation on the group’s sophomore set.

“There’s also sort of a new sound that I’ve been somewhat cultivating in my head,” Foster told MTV Canada during a recent video interview. “It’s very celebratory…a lot more gritty, and surprising, and I think it’s gonna catch a lot of people off guard, in a really beautiful way.”

Foster the People have been out on the road ever since “Kicks” exploded, so they’re ready to return to the studio and start throwing around creative ideas. Foster said he’s beyond pumped to get back into a recording space and start the recording process, adding that he’s “overflowing with ideas and creativity.” Foster has stated that the band are planning to start working on the new album right after Foster the People wrap their current tour. Check out the band’s tour itinerary via their official website.


Charles Ken
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