Middle Class Rut, Egypt Central + Maylene Give Thanks for 2011


Story by Anne Erickson

Members of Middle Class Rut, Egypt Central and Maylene and the Sons of Disaster reflect on 2011

Two thousand eleven brought spunky rock and alternative music from the likes of Middle Class Rut, Egypt Central and Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, and when the guys look back on the past year, they can’t help but feel lucky.

Middle Class Rut vocalist and guitarist Zack Lopez is grateful the group’s single, “New Low,” off 2010’s No Name No Color scored such fanfare from the alternative nation. The song, which peaked at No. 12 on Billboard’s modern rock chart, helped snatch the boys a lengthy North American run alongside Awolnation this past fall. “I’m most thankful to be able to do what I’m doing,” Lopez told Audio Ink Radio. “I’m generally a pretty miserable guy. [Laughs] Whenever I stop and think about what it is that I do every month, I’m pretty grateful and thankful to be able to do this and to be not miserable doing something else!”

Egypt Central singer John Falls echoes Lopez’s sentiments about doing what he loves in lieu of a “day job.” “I’m thankful to just have the opportunity to continue to do what we love to do,” Falls told Audio Ink. “To have gotten to make the second record [2011’s White Rabbit] and have it released and to go out and tour and play these songs for people is amazing. The fact we’re all still together as a band … and that we still have one another and did this from start to finish is definitely what I’m most grateful for.”

Dallas Taylor — lead singer for Birmingham, Ala.-based metal-core group Maylene and the Sons of Disaster — is thankful for peace and contentment this past year. “I’m thankful for life, as cheesy as sounds,” he told Audio Ink. “Being alive and being able to be content and happy in any circumstance. That’s the thing we as humans struggle with a lot: never being happy with a situation and always wanting more. I’ve learned to be happy wherever I’m at, and I’m thankful to wake up every day and have a new day.” (Courtesy photo: Credit Andrew Kuykendall.)


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