Bullet for My Valentine – 2012 New Album Outlook


Story by Charles Ken

Frontman says Bullet for My Valentine will release new music in 2012

Bullet for My Valentine’s latest album, “Fever,” dropped in 2010, so it’s certainly not premature to start thinking about the heavy metal band’s next release. Turns out, new music is on the mind of Bullet frontman and guitarist Matt Tuck, who has announced via Twitter that the band will start work on their fourth studio release after the holidays, and the guys hope to dig into the writing process in three weeks.

Tuck excitedly tweeted the news last week: “Everyone have a good Christmas?? Start writing for new record in 3weeks!! What you want it to sound like??? MT.”

Since their genesis in 2003, the Welsh outfit have scored numerous overseas fans with their blend of ‘80s metal, punk energy and melodic, dark rock. This past year brought them more popularity in the U.S., as the guys played the East Coast and Midwest on the Rockstar Uproar Festival alongside Three Days Grace, Seether, Sevendust, Avenged Sevenfold, Art of Dying, Escape the Fate and more.

During the Uproar run, lead guitarist Michael “Padge” Paget told Audio Ink Radio about his first time coming to North American. “It was awesome, especially the first time we went there, because I had never been there before,” he said. “You kind of imagine it’s going to be like what you see in the movies, and it is, and everyone is really cool and friendly. But you just go out there and play guitar, and then it starts to feel more like a home show.” Read the rest of the chat on Bullet’s artist page. (Photo: Audio Ink Radio.)




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