Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl Signs on for TV Comedy Series on FX


Story by Cat Badra

Dave Grohl working with Dana Gould on rock band-inspired comedy show

Dave Grohl is certainly a one-man show, and on top of a hush-hush project with members of Ratt, Stone Sour and others, the singer, guitarist and drummer is now working with funny guy Dana Gould on a half-hour comedy series for FX. Let the games begin!

According to Deadline, Grohl is producing the series, while Gould is writing / executive for the project. The show centers on “a rock band on the verge of mega-stardom who finds itself on the verge of breaking up and is forced to seek professional help in a last-ditch effort to stay together. Unfortunately, they end up with a misanthropic couple’s therapist from Agoura on the brink of divorce.” Sounds like something purpose-made for the grunge rock guru, huh?

Gould, a longtime fan of Grohl’s alternative music, contacted him about becoming a part of the project. Grohl, of course, is known as one of the funniest rock stars on the planet and he’s always up for a creative challenge, so it was a no-brainer to do it. Adding to Gould and Grohl’s involvement are 3 Arts’ Tom Lassally and Dave Becky and Bill Gerber of Gerber Pictures.

Gould’s resume includes executive producing and starring in the 2010 ABC pilot “Nolan Knows Best.” He’s currently writing Sony’s “Moon People” with Mosaic producing. In addition, Gould hosts a podcast, “The Dana Gould Hour,” on iTunes and Podcaster.

What are your thoughts on Grohl’s latest funny guy endeavor? Think Grohl has the chops to make this fly, just like his work with his grunge-rock creation Foo Fighters?


Cat Badra
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