Foster the People Aiming to Drop New Album in 2013


Story by Charles Ken

Foster the People frontman: ‘I’d love to make a more analogue record’

It’s about time for Foster the People to start thinking about a new album. The California indie rock band’s last album, 2011’s “Torches,” took them from underground alt-pop sensations to national superstars, buoyed by the No. 1 single that wouldn’t go away in “Pumped Up Kicks,” and it’s time to repeat the phenomenon.

Speaking from the Brit awards, lead singer Mark Foster told NME the band are in the process of brainstorming ideas for a new album, and what’s more, they want the album to be less digital. That’s always a challenge in this pro-tools age of music.

“I’d love to make a more analogue record and not so digital but at the same time still modern,” Foster said. “I think it will be an evolution of the sound we’ve created so far.”

Foster added that he and the guys plan to hit the studio to record to follow-up to “Torches” once they finish their 2012 tour duties, which include shows in the U.K. and at home. Still, he’s optimistic that the band could have something out by year’s end, possibly in the form of a new single.

“Hopefully we’ll have a song or two out by the end of the year,” Foster said. “I’d like to get the album done pretty quickly but we’re not going to put something out until it’s ready. I’d say in 2013 it’ll be out.” What direction do you think Foster the People should take on their latest collection? Let us know in the comments section below.


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