President Obama Taps Foo Fighters for Fundraising Concert


Story by Cat Badra

Foo Fighters to play fundraiser in support of President Obama’s re-election campaign

Grunge rock mainstays Foo Fighters are putting their support behind President Barack Obama’s re-election efforts by headlining a fundraising concert in California, with proceeds going towards the president’s campaign. Foo Fighters will play President Obama’s Feb. 15 fundraiser in the residential neighborhood of Holmby Hills, reports the Hollywood Reporter. The show will take place at soap opera writer / producer Bradley Bell’s estate.

Organizers hope to sell up to 1000 tickets for the afternoon show, ranging from $250 to $500 in cost. After the concert, the Bells will hold a $35,800-per-person dinner inside their historic manse for the president. Actor Will Ferrell will co-host the latter event.

Although they’re not known for their political views, Foo Fighters have long been supporters of Obama. In July of 2009, the group played a special concert at the White House for military families. Late last year, frontman Dave Grohl dropped the news to Red Bulletin that he would “absolutely” get behind the president’s run for a second term. “He’s got the toughest job on earth,” Grohl said. “I would hate to hand the administration over to another party that is just focused on corporations, greed and money. You know, I’m a fun, peace-loving guy, but sometimes the right wing gets a little too selfish.”

When asked if Grohl thought the president was “a rocker,” he laughed: “I don’t know if he’s a rocker, but he definitely has soul. When he looks you in the eyes and shakes your hand, he just means it. I’ve met him a few times now, and every time I see him, he comes over and says, ‘Hey man, how are you doing?’ He’s very informal and sincere.” (Photo credit: Steve Gullick.)


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