Demon Hunter Frontman: ‘Most Bands Feel the Need to Prove Themselves’


Story by Charles Ken

Demon Hunter release their latest set of raging metal, ‘True Defiance,’ on April 10

Seattle metallers Demon Hunter are long known for not only their pummeling music, but also for their strong Christian beliefs. Sure, some doors have closed because of the band’s faith-based stance, but if you ask the guys of Demon Hunter, they’re just like any other band with something to prove.

“I think most bands feel the need to prove themselves,” vocalist Ryan Clark told Skulls N Bones. “Everyone wants to make a record that will appeal to a certain type of person… and depending on the band, that could be a very specific, tight-knit group of like-minded individuals, and for others, the desired demographic is anyone and everyone. We fall somewhere in the middle.

“I definitely don’t expect everyone to understand and appreciate what Demon Hunter does… but I think there are a lot of people that would really love the band if they gave it an honest chance. I guess what I’m talking about specifically is metal fans that have pre-conceived ideas about bands you might consider “Christian.” But I also think most of these people will make an exception if the band is extraordinary.”

Clark went on to recall Johnny Cash and his place as a Christian musician. “Think of how Johnny Cash has completely transcended the stigma of ‘Christian artist,’” he said. “Now maybe shrink that down into the metal world, specifically. I think it’s a healthy challenge to think this way as an artist. It’s the drive that makes you want to do something amazing.”

Demon Hunter drop their latest full-length, “True Defiance,” on April 10 via Solid State Records. For the full interview with Ryan, visit Skulls N Bones. (Courtesy photo: Black Lodge PR.)

Charles Ken
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