Bullet for My Valentine Complete Work on New Album


Story by Charles Ken

Metal band Bullet for My Valentine have wrapped up recording sessions for their fourth studio album

New tracks from Bullet for My Valentine are on the way! The Welsh metal band have announced on Twitter that today (Aug. 6) is the final of recording session for their upcoming following-up to 2010’s “Fever.”

“Last day of recording,” the band tweeted, along with a photo from the studio. A few hours later, the defining tweet came from camp Bullet and lead vocalist Matthew Tuck: “Bullet army, album 4…….. Done!!!! MT.”

Bullet for My Valentine spent a good portion of last year touring the U.S., and they were one of the headliners on the 2011 Rockstar Uproar Tour. During the tour, Michael “Padge” Paget told Audio Ink Radio that playing the U.S. always feels like home.

“It was awesome, especially the first time we went [to the U.S.], because I had never been there before,” Paget said about the group’s first shows in the states. “You kind of imagine it’s going to be like what you see in the movies, and it is, and everyone is really cool and friendly. But you just go out there and play guitar, and then it starts to feel more like a home show.” At the time, Paget also told us that the band would certainly have their new album out sometime in 2012, so it looks like the guys are right on schedule. (Photo by Anne Erickson.)




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