Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore Joining Metal Band Twilight


Story by Charles Ken

Sonic Youth frontman using hiatus from band to delve into metal supergroup Twilight

Sonic Youth singer, songwriter and guitarist Thurston Moore is starting to make music that’s a little darker and heavier than anything Sonic Youth ever churned out. With Sonic Youth taking an indefinite hiatus following Moore’s recent breakup with wife and bass player Kim Gordon, Moore has started to devote his time and creative energy to some new projects, including the band Chelsea Light Moving and, most recently, the metal group Twilight.

“[Moore]’s in the band, and going to be on the record,” Twilight vocalist Blake Judd recently told The 1st Five of Moore joining Twilight. “We knew Sonic Youth already through their soundman, Jeremy Lemos. He has a band called White/Light and that’s how they know him. They toured together. He’s also has worked with Rob Lowe from Lichens a lot, so that’s how we know these guys.

“The Sonic Youth folks, whenever they were in town, would always be over at the studio, so I met them on a number of occasions recording over there…and now that Sonic Youth’s broken up, and he’s essentially divorced, he’s got plenty of time.”

Judd said that the band expect to hit the studio to start recording their new album in August. “I’m really excited about that,” he said of working with Moore. “I was a Nirvana fan when I was a kid, you know. I’m twenty-eight or twenty-nine years old now, so I grew up during that, and that’s what I listened to when I was a kid. I had Sonic Youth records when I was twelve. And to now know that, not only am I having a dialogue with this person about anything, but [the] dude’s [going to] join a band I started, and it’s like…whoah…”


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