Sonic Youth Bass Player Kim Gordon Explains Split with Thurston Moore


Story by Anne Erickson

Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon says she split with husband Thurston Moore because he was having an affair

Sonic Youth bass player Kim Gordon has opened up about the motive behind her breakup with husband and band mate Thurston Moore in 2011. Gordon says she decided to step away from the marriage of 27 years because Moore was cheating on her with a woman who was the girlfriend of a former member of Sonic Youth.

“We seemed to have a normal relationship inside of a crazy world,” Kim told ELLE magazine. “And in fact, it ended in a kind of normal way — midlife crisis, starstruck woman.”

Gordon explained that after she found out about the affair, she confronted Moore. The two sought counseling, but in the end, Moore wouldn’t stop seeing the woman. “We never got to the point where we could just get rid of her so I could decide what I wanted to do,” she said. “Thurston was carrying on this whole double life with her. He was really like a lost soul.”

Around the same time, Gordon was diagnosed with DCIS, a noninvasive form of breast cancer. Thankfully, she’s okay. “I’m fine; it’s literally the best you can have,” Gordon explains. “I didn’t do radiation or anything, but I was like, ‘Okay, what else is going to happen to me?’”

As for Gordon’s music, she plans to tour with her new band, Body/Head, later this year.

Anne Erickson
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