Butch Vig on Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl and ‘Wasting Light’


Story by Anne Erickson

Producer Butch Vig gushes about working with Dave Grohl on the Foo Fighters’ latest album, ‘Wasting Light’

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl is a big fan of producer Butch Vig, who produced the Foos’ last album “Wasting Light” and, of course, Nirvana’s sophomore opus “Nevermind,” on which Grohl played drums.

The feeling of adoration is mutual, too. In an interview with Digital Spy, Vig explained his love for Grohl and gushed about the musician’s energy and positive aura.

“Dave is absolutely a star to work with, he’s just got the greatest energy and vibe, he’s down to earth and fun and he’s amazingly talented,” Vig said. “We did the record [“Wasting Light”] in his garage, we did it to tape, so it was a whole different sort of mindset.

“The record became about performances, not so much about making everything sound perfect. The band really rose to the challenge. They knew that they had to be at the top of their game in order to make a great record and they were.”

Vig added that the guys knew all ears would be on the record, which boasted the first Vig-Grohl collaboration since “Nevermind.” But they didn’t let the pressure get to them.

“It was different in a way but it was really, really incredible – the challenge of making the record,” he said. “We knew there would be pressure from our legacy and Nirvana. Dave said that early on. People are going to say, ‘Butch Vig’s working with the Foos, the record has to be great.’ I was like, ‘Well, screw that, who cares! We’re here to make a good record.’”


Anne Erickson
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