Paramore Singer Hayley Williams Experienced Writer’s Block with New Album


Story by Cat Badra

Paramore frontwoman says the band fought writer’s block while working on their latest album

Paramore recently released their new, self-titled album, and frontwoman Hayley Williams is opening up about the songwriting process for the set. The singer says the group encountered a chunk of writer’s block right after they started the writing process for the album, and the experience proved a difficult one.

“We had two and a half months of the worst writer’s block you could possibly imagine,” Williams told Entertainment Weekly. “I was in this crazy depression about it. I moved out of my house into my mom’s apartment because I didn’t want to be by myself. It was the wildest time of my life, and it was also the most boring time of my life.”

The songs that helped Williams get out of that writer’s block mode were “Interlude: I’m Not Angry Anymore” and “Interlude: Holiday.” She says writing those tracks lightened up the mood of the band at the time. “We needed something to laugh about and soften the blow that we couldn’t write any songs that we loved,” she said. “And it was weird, because as soon as those interludes were done, the songs started happening. We realized we don’t need to take ourselves so seriously.”

Paramore are hitting the road in support of their new album this spring. For the full tour roster, visit the band’s official website.



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