Lorde Says ‘Royals’ Isn’t Her Best Song


Story by Charles Ken

Lorde is happy for the success of ‘Royals’ but says she can do better

Lorde’s debut single, “Royals,” was the big success story of 2013, spending a whopping nine weeks at No. 1 on the Top 14 chart and picking up a Grammy for Song of the Year. Despite all the fanfare, Lorde says “Royals” isn’t her finest work.

“I definitely don’t think ‘Royals’ is my best song,” Lorde told The Music. “I understand why it worked and why it was kind of a hit, I can see those qualities in it, but at the same time…these melodies are just not as good as something I could have written now.”

Part of the reason Lorde doesn’t think “Royals” is her best song is because she wrote it at such a young age. “I was 15 when I wrote it and I’m 17 now, so I think you grow a lot in that period. It definitely feels like a bit of a relic now,” she said.

Lorde added that she’s thrilled teenagers really took to “Royals” and her full-length album, “Pure Heroine,” from front to back. “I feel like a lot of people my age really reacted to it which is so cool for me and is kind of the dream,” she said. “I was lucky. I feel like teens are a tough audience and I feel like a lot of the art and that a lot of the material aimed at teens is usually super corny and feels patronizing or whatever, and I am aware of that. But people I guess didn’t feel that about ‘Pure Heroine,’ which is super cool.”

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