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Story by Charles Ken

Weezer back in the studio, working on their follow-up to 2010’s ‘Hurley and Death to False Metal’

The guys behind hits such as “Buddy Holly” and “Hash Pipe” are back in the studio. Weezer have announced that they’re starting work on the band’s new studio album, which will be the band’s first since 2010’s “Hurley and Death to False Metal.” The gents let fans know via a short, cryptic video posted to their official website, featuring coarse clips of the band in a recording studio. If there’s any question as to the purpose of the video, that’s answered at the end of the clip, when “in the studio now” appears on the display.

Talk of the upcoming album began back on Christmas of 2012, when a post on Weezer’s official website stated that new music was on the minds of band members. “Fans have been asking me a lot about what to expect in terms of new releases and such in the New Year, but right now I don’t have a lot of hard data,” the note stated. “While its impossible to say when the next Weezer album will come out, rest assured the band is excited and united in their desire to make it great.”

Weezer fronman Rivers Cuomo also tweeted out the news that the band is working with producer Ric Ocasek on the release:

Ocasek is the same producer behind two of Weezer’s most popular albums, “The Green Album” and “The Blue Album.”

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