Foo Fighters’ New Album Features Joe Walsh


Story by Cat Badra

Joe Walsh serves as an honorary member of Foo Fighters on the band’s upcoming album

Joe Walsh can add “honorary Foo Fighters member” to his long list of musical accomplishments. As it turns out, the Eagles guitarist was recently tapped by the legendary grunge band to lay down some lines on the band’s upcoming album.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Walsh explained his experience with frontman Dave Grohl and company, stating, “I was a Foo Fighter for two days and played on a track of theirs that’s gonna come out.”

The Foo Fighters connection happened via a mutual friend. “Drew Hester, my drummer for my solo gigs, is a great friend of all of those guys, so I hooked up through him,” Walsh explained.

In addition to swapping licks with Dave Grohl and company, Walsh says he also recently performed on a new War song, stating, “So I’m a low rider and a Foo Fighter.”

Foo Fighters’ new album is expected to arrive this fall. The band recently announced details on new HBO series, directed by Grohl, that will follow the group’s recording process for the new album. Foo Fighters recorded the new tunes at various studios across the country.

Cat Badra
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