Soundgarden Documentary in the Works


Story by Anne Erickson

Soundgarden are working on a documentary about the band’s 20-plus year career

Seattle grunge rockers Soundgarden are planning a new documentary, and Chris Cornell and company have tapped the same team that created the recent Alice Cooper documentary “Super Duper Alice Cooper” for the flick.

According to Bad Feeling magazine, the three co-directors that put together the Alice Cooper film are extremely excited about creating a Soundgarden film. As Reginald Harkema, one of the directors, explained, “Soundgarden is much closer to my own sort of experience of being a music fan and kind of reconciling these punk rock ideals. For them, it was much more exaggerated, having these punk rock ideals and then dealing with becoming ‘metal rock stars.’”

The upcoming documentary will feature both new and old band footage. Seeing that Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron won’t be on the road much with Soundgarden while he plays drums for Pearl Jam, Harkema said the production crew will have to be on hand for some very specific concerts. “There’s some key shows that Matt is going to be playing, so [we’ll] send cameras out for that, and some interviews with them [all],” Harkema said.

The upcoming Soundgarden film has yet to get a release date. Meanwhile, “Super Duper Alice Cooper” will arrive on DVD and Blu-Ray and DVD May 27.



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