Dave Grohl on Foo Fighters’ New Album: Expect Stadium Anthems That Startle


Story by Charles Ken

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl says the band’s new album features stadium anthems and surprising twists and turns

Foo Fighters are gearing up to release their much-anticipated eighth studio album, which the band recorded at different studios across the country. Dave Grohl and the gents had so much fun skipping from studio to studio, that they decided to record the action and use it for an upcoming documentary that will air on HBO.  

Speaking with Billboard, Dave Grohl discussed his reasoning for pairing the album’s release with a documentary series.

“After making Sound City, I realized that the pairing of music and documentary works well because the stories give substance and depth to the song, which makes for a stronger emotional connection,” Grohl said. “So I thought, ‘I want to do this again, but instead of just walking into a studio and telling its story, I want to travel across America and tell its story.’”

As for the style of the new album, Grohl explained that, “As we were coming down from the success of the last record, I thought, ‘Now we have license to get weird.’ If we wanted, we could make some crazy, bleak Radiohead record and freak everyone out.” Then he decided, no way. So, the objective, he said, was to make “stadium anthems that startle.”

Grohl added that instead of just “banging out these big choruses, because that’s what we do, we’re banging them out in the middle of instrumental sections that will take you by surprise. The music is a progression or an evolution, for sure, but it’s a Foo Fighters record.”

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