MXPX Celebrating 22nd Anniversary with ‘MXPX Acoustic Collection’


Story by Anne Erickson

MXPX will celebrate their 22nd anniversary by releasing a collection of acoustic tunes

Bremerton, Wash.-based punk-rock group MXPX will release their first-ever collection of acoustic songs, “MXPX Acoustic Collection,” on the band’s 22nd anniversary, which falls on Sunday (July 6). The album will arrive via the Christian band’s imprint, Rock City Recordings.

“MXPX Acoustic Collection” was produced by lead singer and bass player Mike Herrera, in his Monkey Trench Studios and mastered by Descendents and All guitarist Stephen Egerton. The album also features guest vocals from Survival Guide’s Emily Whitehurst (aka Agent M) on three songs.

“This was a request record from our fans,” Mike Herrera said in a statement. “We’ve been asked hundreds of times to release an acoustic album and we finally have complied, just in time for our 22nd anniversary milestone. Most of these I’ve been performing live acoustically for a while now, but I rearranged some of them specifically for this release, giving the songs a whole new perspective and feel. Although these are studio-quality performances, I really tried to keep the overall sound of the production reined in and focused on the crux of the songs. All the tracks are my favorite ones to do acoustically.”

Mike Herrera will also take the songs on the road this summer and join the Vans Warped Tour’s Acoustic Basement Stage. He’ll appear on the tour starting Sunday (July 6) in Holmdel, N.J., through July 18 in Auburn Hills, Mich.

MXPX features Herrera, Tom Wisniewski (guitars) and Yuri Ruley (drums), and while Wisniewski and Ruley retired from touring, both still record with MXPX.

‘MXPX Acoustic Collection’ Track Listing:

1. “Doing Time” (Life in General; 1996)
2. “Tomorrow Is Another Day” (Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo; 1998)
3. “You’re On Fire” (Secret Weapon; 2007)
4. “Let It Happen” (Let It Happen B-sides and rarities album; 1998)
5. “Never Better Than Now” (Secret Weapon; 2007)
6. “My Mom Still Cleans My Room” (Life in General; 1996)
7. “Secret Weapon” (Secret Weapon; 2007)
8. “Drowning” (Secret Weapon; 2007)
9. “Buildings Tumble” (The Ever Passing Moment; 2000)
10. “Aces Up” (Plans Within Plans; 2012)
11. “For Always” (Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo; 1998)
12. “Punk Rawk Show” (Teenage Politics; 1995)

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