Thom Yorke Releases New Song via Bandcamp


Story by Charles Ken

Thom Yorke’s new tune is available now on Bandcamp

Thom Yorke is currently working on a new album with Radiohead, but that doesn’t mean he’s abandoning his solo work. In fact, York just released a new song, “Youwouldn’tlikemewhenI’mangry,” on his Bandcamp page. The tune accompanies Yorke’s sophomore album, “Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes.”

Yorke released “Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes” in September as a BitTorrent Bundle on the file-sharing platform BitTorrent. The bundle’s pay gate was $6, and having a pay gate was new for BitTorrent Bundles. It worked. “Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes” was the most-downloaded bundle of 2014, according to BitTorrent’s annual report. Yorke was also the most legally downloaded artist on BitTorrent in 2014.

When Yorke broke the news of releasing “Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes” via BitTorent, he said is was an experiment. “If it works well it could be an effective way of handing some control of Internet commerce back to people who are creating the work,” he stated on Radiohead’s official website.

“Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes” is the follow-up to Yorke’s 2006 release, “The Eraser.”

Charles Ken
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