Muse’s World Tour to Include Drones


Story by Charles Ken

Muse’s tour to support their ‘Drones’ album will feature actual drones

Muse tours usually encompass large, sweeping stage effects and lighting, and their 2016 world tour is shaping up to continue in that tradition. They guys will be touring to promote their latest studio album, “Drones,” so it’s quite appropriate they may actually have drones flying around at the concerts.

“We’ve been able to work with a company in the Netherlands that have written a piece of software that can control a whole swarm of drones,” Muse tour production designer Oli Metcalfe told NME. “So we’re programming them in a different way. They’re not manned… vehicles as in somebody with a controller. They’re controlled by a computer system and tracking system.”

On this tour, Muse will perform “in the round,” so the stage will be positioned in the middle of the arena. Metcalfe says the stage will have the shape of a “double headed arrow,” which will help band members get closer to the audience.

“It spans the length of the arena,” Metcalfe said. “It’s quite narrow but more importantly for the audience it’s low, so the band will be playing in an intimate space, and have a good relationship in terms of distance from their audience.”

Muse’s 2016 world tour will begin Feb. 29 in Paris. A North American tour is expected to be announced soon via Muse’s website.

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