Muse Thought ‘Drones’ Might Be Their ‘Last Chance to Do an Album’


Story by Cat Badra

Muse drummer Dom Howard says the band might release ‘small groups of tracks or just singles’ in the future

Muse unleashed “Drones” last year, and if you ask drummer Dom Howard about the release, he’ll tell you the guys felt the need to make album that told a cohesive story because they thought this might be their last chance to write a “traditional” album.

“We’re very aware that that’s how people listen to music these days, by cherry-picking individual tracks, and our decision to release… Drones was not really to go against that,” Howard told the San Diego Union-Tribune. “But I think we felt like this might be our last chance to do an album, which is why we did it.”

Howard added, “The way people consume music has changed so drastically over the past 10 years, it’s insane. And I’m the same. I certainly don’t listen to albums all the way through now, like I used to. So we just thought, if we’re going to release an album this time, we wanted to make it an album that makes sense from start to finish. It makes much more sense to go from start to finish, than just hear one or two songs.”

Howard said that instead of making albums, the guys of Muse have chatted about “just releasing small groups of tracks, or just singles, for quite a number of years now.”

Muse are on the road right now, doing an arena tour behind “Drones.” Openers include Phantogram and X Ambassadors on certain dates.

Cat Badra
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