Amy Lee Releases ‘If You’re a Star’ Music Video


Story by Charles Ken

Evanescence frontman has a new children’s album out

In need of your Evanescence fix? Well, the band hasn’t released any new music as of late, but frontman Amy Lee has plenty of new tunes out. Lee just unleashed the music video  for her song “If You’re a Star,” which recently arrived on her new children’s album, “Dream Too Much.” The video – which is packed with animated images of trees, stars and more – premiered via and is posted below.

“The video is meant to illustrate that we’re never alone, that we’re not so different, all across the world,” Lee told Entertainment Weekly. “All you have to do is look up to remember that we are all under the same very big sky, maybe even wishing on the same star.”

“Dream Too Much” is out now via Amazon.

In other news, Lee and her Evanescence band makes will hit the road for a tour this fall, which will kick off Oct. 28 in Dallas. The short trek will wrap up Nov. 5 in Houston.

Amy Lee’s ‘Dream Too Much’ Track Listing:

1. Stand By Me
2. Dream Too Much
3. Bee and Duck
4. I’m Not Tired
5. Little Bird
6. Alice
7. Rubber Duckie
8. Hello, Goodbye
9. Donkey and Chicken
10. The End of the Book
11. If You’re a Star
12. Goodnight My Love

Watch the Music Video for Amy Lee’s ‘If You’re a Star’:

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