Evanescence’s Amy Lee Tells the Story Behind ‘Bring Me to Life’


Story by Charles Ken

‘Bring Me to Life’ was inspired by a friend, says Amy Lee

Evanescence will celebrate their full catalog with the release of a vinyl box set Friday (Dec. 9) called “The Ultimate Collection.” Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, singer Amy Lee gave some insight into the stories that resulted in the group’s biggest chart-toppers.

“Bring Me to Life” was Evanescence’s breakout hit, and Lee explained the tune was inspired by a meeting she had with a friend she “didn’t really know very well.”

“We went into a restaurant, he sat down across from me and goes, ‘Are you happy?’ My heart sank into my stomach, and I was just so not ready to talk about it,” Lee said. “I played it down, but I instantly was like, ‘How does this person see into my eyes? How does he know what I’m feeling?'”

If you’re a big Evanescence fan, chances are you already know that friend eventually turned into Lee’s husband.

“I obsessed over that moment on my own and ended up writing that first verse and chorus of ‘Bring Me to Life’ and how he opened doors,” she added. “Very dramatic.”

“Bring Me to Life” appears on the band’s 2003 “Fallen” album. One of the group’s later hits, “Call Me When You’re Sober,” was written with former Evanescence guitarist Terry Balsamo during a “campout writing session.”

“I love this song because it has this fun spirit that was new for us as a band,” Lee said. “You can still be heavy with a smile on your face.”

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