Soundgarden to Release ‘Ultramega OK’ Reissue


Story by Charles Ken

Hear an early version of the Soundgarden track ‘Beyond the Wheel’

Soundgarden are often thought of as one of the greatest grunge bands to come out of the ‘90s, but the guys actually released their debut album in 1988. That set, “Ultramega OK,” is set to be reissued on March 10 via SubPop Records.

The reissue of “Ultramega OK” will include a remixed version of the original album, as well as “early versions” of six tracks. The early version of “Beyond the Wheel” is streaming now via YouTube.

Soundgarden has been wanting to remix “Ultramega OK” for a long time. When the album first dropped, Chris Cornell and the guys weren’t satisfied with the final mix and wanted to remix it for future releases. When Soundgarden’s success swelled, they didn’t have the time to do a proper remix—until now.

Soundgarden got a hold of the original “Ultramega OK” tapes in 2016 and passed them along to Jack Endino – who has worked with fellow grunge rockers Nirvana and Screaming Trees – for remixing.

In other news, Soundgarden are currently writing their seventh studio album, which will mark their follow-up to 2012’s “King Animal.”

Soundgarden’s ‘Ultramega OK’ Track List:

“All Your Lies”
“Beyond the Wheel”
“Mood for Trouble”
“Circle of Power”
“He Didn’t”
“Smokestack Lightning”
“Nazi Driver”
“Head Injury”
“Incessant Mace”
“One Minute of Silence”
“Head Injury (early version)”
“Beyond the Wheel (early version)”
“Incessant Mace (early version)”
“He Didn’t (early version)”
“All Your Lies (early version)”
“Incessant Mace (V2) (early version)”

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