Slipknot’s ‘Clown’ on Why He’d Think Twice About Touring with Foo Fighters

Story by Cat Badra

Hardly anyone in rock would turn down the chance to tour with Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters, but there is one metal player who might hesitate if offered the opportunity. During a discussion at a recent Pollstar Live! panel, Slipknot percussionist M. Shawn “Clown” Crahan described why he would have to think twice if his band were asked to share a tour or festival bill with the Foo Fighters.

“If we play alongside the Foo Fighters we are going to get new fans, I agree with that. I love that,” Crahan said on the panel. “But I’m worried about the kid that won’t come to the show, because we’re playing with the Foo Fighters. He wants to know why we’re not playing with Nine Inch Nails. Those kids tell all of us what they want.”

“So, don’t try to figure out ways of how to combine things for the new fan,” he added. “I don’t need the new fan. I need the fan that has anxiety, parents are getting divorced, social problems, gender problems – I need them to come to the ultimate show.”

The “ultimate show,” Crahan added, could come in the shape of Knotfest, which is the multi-genre festival Slipknot and Stone Sour share with Ozzy Osbourne.

In other news, Slipknot is staying off the road this year as frontman Corey Taylor’s other band, Stone Sour, travels across North America. Stone Sour just got off a tour with Halestorm, and they headline a trio of shows this weekend in Grand Rapids, Michigan (Feb. 16); Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Feb. 17); and Indianapolis, Indiana (Feb. 18). Will 2019 be the year for Slipknot? Time will tell.

As for Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters, following a short tour last fall, the guys are keeping busy this year with a major North American tour to promote their latest album, “Concrete and Gold.” The band’s tour will kick off in April and keep the guys on the road through the summer months.

Publication date: February 15, 2018



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