New Evanescence Album Comes from a ‘Raw’ Place, Says Amy Lee


Story by Cat Badra, photo by P.R. Brown

Amy Lee says Evanescence’s upcoming album is “going to a place that’s even more raw”

New music from Evanescence is on the way, and frontomwan Amy Lee says to expect a “raw” sound from the band’s upcoming studio album.

In a new interview with Music Week about the upcoming Evanescence set, “The Bitter Truth,” Lee says the new music also has a “big, powerful and luscious” style.

“The last thing we put out was our orchestral and electronically-driven re-imagining of old songs on [2017’s] Synthesis,” Lee said. “That was incredible, as was the experience of performing with a live orchestra, but it took a lot of work on an internal level. By the end of it, we were all really ready to get back to rocking.”

“I don’t want to say our new album is stripped back, because it’s not,” she added. “It’s big, powerful and luscious.”

Lee also says the group’s new songs are “all different,” but have something in common: “I think so far the one thing that ties them together is it’s going to a place that’s even more raw.”

Evanescence will release “The Bitter Truth” incrementally throughout this year. The band unleashed the album’s first single, “Wasted on You,” in April, along with a music video featuring footage of band members in isolation, due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Lee says the group already has a “handful of songs that are already mixed and finished and ready to go,” and she’s gearing up for more releasing.

“We’re still writing our new music and the pressure’s definitely on,” she added, “now we’ve released “Wasted on You.'”



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