Wolfgang Van Halen Honors 45th Anniversary of ‘Eruption’ with Performance Clip


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Wolfgang Van Halen – Story by Scarlett Hunter, photo by Travis Shinn

Watch Wolfgang Van Halen perform “Eruption” in honor of the legendary rock song’s 45th anniversary

The 45th anniversary of Eddie Van Halen recording his famed guitar instrumental “Eruption” passed last week. In honor of the milestone, the late musician’s son Wolfgang Van Halen shared a video of himself performing part of the popular rock song in the studio in 2015.

Wolfgang took to Twitter to state, “In honor of Eruption being recorded 45 years ago today, here’s me playing part of it on the guitar it was recorded on in 2015 while tracking some guitars for the first @MammothWVH … Love you, Pop.”

Watching the video, it’s obvious, as if it wasn’t already, that Wolfgang is a chip off the old block. He rips into the guitar solo like only someone with true ties to Eddie could do, not hesitating. “Eruption,” which arrived on Van Halen’s 1978 self-titled debut, is considered one of the greatest guitar instrumentals of all-time. Watch Wolfgang Van Halen perform “Eruption” below.

In other news, Wolfgang recently shared the news that he is going to start work on the second Mammoth WVH record as early as this week. In a Q&A on Twitter, a fan asked Wolfgang to please release the sophomore Mammoth record “asap,” to which Wolfgang responded, “I start next week!”

Mammoth WVH’s debut release earned the band stellar reviews and a No. 1 rock hit in “Distance.” The second single off the album, “Don’t Back Down,” also topped the charts. Last year, Audio Ink Radio asked Wolfgang if he was surprised by the album’s success, to which he answered, “I certainly couldn’t have seen it coming. That really surprised me. I think maybe ‘Distance’ just kind of gave people an outlet, in terms of how awful the past year has been. But, for ‘Don’t Back Down,’ I really don’t know. Everybody’s been so receptive. It’s really surprised me in a good way, of course.”

Wolfgang has taken those songs on the road for several tours since the album’s release, including treks with Guns N’ Roses, Halestorm and Dirty Honey. Next up, Mammoth WVH is slated to set off on a North American tour with Alter Bridge in January 2023.

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