Mick Mars Reportedly Suing Motley Crue – Here’s Why


Motley Crue performing live at the Palace of Auburn Hills.

Motley Crue – Story by Charles Ken, photo by Ken Settle

Motley Crue is getting sued by longtime guitarist Mick Mars, according to a new lawsuit obtained by TMZ

Guitarist Mick Mars is suing Motley Crue over his breakup with the band and a reported major cut in profit share. The news comes just months after Mars announced that he was retiring from Motley Crue to deal with health problems.

His official statement explained that he would still be a member of the band but not engage in regular touring. At the time, his camp said, “Mick will continue as a member of the band, but can no longer handle the rigors of the road.” Mars’ statement said he was simply retiring from touring but still a member of the band. However, the band’s follow-up statement implied that he was out of the Crue.

Now, Mars has opened a serious lawsuit against the band. In legal document obtained by TMZ, he says that he wanted to continue to perform with Motley Crue, just not do a full tour. Moreover, he also said that he wanted to perform with them when doing studio recordings. That said, he was “unilaterally” removed from the band after a band meeting, Mars asserts.

When it comes to dollars and cents, Mars says his profit share was reduced a drastic amount – specially, from 25% to 5% – after he announced his retirement from touring. According to the legal documents, Motley Crue’s lawyers actually told Mars that he should be satisfied to get just a small percentage of profit share and that the band really didn’t think they owed him any of it. In the legal documents, Mars is asking for the group to release their financial records so he can get paid the funds that he believe he is owed.

The suit also claims that Nikki Sixx didn’t “”play a single note on bass” on the band’s most recent tour and instead used backing tracks. This is in response to Mars saying that Sixx was “gaslighting” him over his guitar abilities.

Later in the day, Motley Crue responded, calling the lawsuit, “unfortunate” and “completely off-base.” In a statement from the Crue’s attorney, Sasha Frid, sent to TMZ, the band said, “Mick’s lawsuit is unfortunate and completely off-base. In 2008, Mick voted for and signed an agreement in which he and every other band member agreed that “in no event shall any resigning shareholder be entitled to receive any monies attributable to live performances (i.e., tours).” Frid added that regarding not touring, the group “offered Mick a generous compensation package to honor his career with the band. Manipulated by his manager and lawyer, he refused and chose to file this ugly public lawsuit.” Frid also told TMZ that the band always plays live.

Frid added, “Unfortunately, Mick chose to file this lawsuit to badmouth the band. The band feels empathy for Mick, wishes him well and hopes that he can get better guidance from his advisors who are driven by greed.” Time will tell how this drama shakes out.

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