Corey Taylor Comments on Former Slipknot Vocalist Anders Colsefni Performing Band’s Debut Live


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Former Slipknot vocalist Anders Colsefni plans to perform the band’s debut demo/album – Story by Cat Badra, courtesy photo

Former Slipknot vocalist Anders Colsefni plans to perform the band’s debut demo/album on tour

Ex-Slipknot singer Anders Colsefni was with the band for their debut demo/album “Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat.” Now, he’s announced that he will perform the record in its entirety on an upcoming tour. Fans have been speculating about what longstanding Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor thinks of the move, and now, Taylor has given them an answer.

Colesfni was Slipknot’s founding vocalist and with the band from 1995 to 1997. Later, the band signed to Roadrunner Records, but that was when Taylor was with the group. Slipknot’s eight-song demo dropped on Halloween 1996. While the demo didn’t get a lot of mainstream attention, it was enough to get the bigwigs at Roadrunner interested. In addition, the band’s unique mix of nu-metal and gothic costuming garnered them attention early on.

Last week, Colesfni announced that he’ll embark on a 12-date tour in Australia and New Zealand later this year where he will perform the album from front to back. This is quite a rarity, as reports that Slipknot haven’t performed a song off the album since 1998. So, what does Taylor think of the whole thing? He digs it. At least, that’s what he says on social media.

The vocalist took to Twitter to post a story about Colesfni’s upcoming tour and commented, “Really wish I could be there to see these shows, but I know Anders Colsefni is going to crush them.” How nice is that for Taylor to be supporting the former Slipknot singer?

Now, fans are speculating that Taylor and Colesfni might do a collaboration of sorts. No word yet, but stranger things have happened. Colsefni’s tour is schedule to begin on Oct. 11 overseas.

In Slipknot news, the band recently released a surprise six-song EP, “Adderall,” which contains previously unreleased tracks and remixes of the song “Adderall.” In band lineup changes, the group also recently split with longstanding keyboard player Craig Jones.

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