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Listen to Ghost, “Stay” featuring Patrick Wilson – Story by Cat Badra, courtesy photo

Listen to the latest from the Swedish metal favorite: Ghost, “Stay” featuring actor Patrick Wilson

Are Ghost becoming a cover band? No, but they do keep releasing plenty of cover songs. First, earlier this year, the band recently released a covers EP called “Phantomime,” featuring their takes on a handful of classics. How, the band has released yet another cover, this time of Shakespears Sister’s 1992 single, “Stay,” featuring actor Patrick Wilson.

“Stay” begins with a fairly bare-bones sound, as synths sit behind singer Tobias Forge’s enchanting vocals. The song picks up about halfway in, when heavy guitars take over and Forge’s voice takes on a stronger sound. Listen to the song and watch the track’s visual below.

So, how did “Stay” come together? As it turns out, Wilson is a major Ghost fan. The actor saw the band live twice in 2022. He met Forge while working on his directorial debut, “Insidious: The Red Door.” Then, this year, inspired by the Joe Elliott version of “Spillways” from Ghost’s “Impera” album, Wilson reached out to Forge. He learned that Forge had been working on a cover version of Shakespears Sister’s “Stay,” and they decided to work together.

Regarding the collaboration, Wilson said in a statement, “Ghost, for me, is one of the most unique rock bands out there. Tobias’ sense of melody is only matched by his storytelling. The blistering imagery of him and the band is unlike any other. The balance of dark lyrics with soaring (and dare I say… angelic) melodies, make listening to them a different experience than any other band out there. At least that’s what it does for me.”

He added, “It was an honor to be featured on the tune, and I can’t thank Tobias and the Ghost crew, especially Tim Bickford and Kristen Mulderig, for making this happen. Ghost is the perfect blend of theatricality met with musical mastery. Tobias is at the top of his game and I’m thrilled to have him on the soundtrack, and honored to sing alongside him.”

Ghost’s “Stay” is available now on all digital platforms. For details on Ghost’s upcoming summer U.S. tour, visit Ghost’s official website for tour dates.

Ghost, “Stay” Featuring Patrick Wilson:

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