Falling in Reverse Vocalist Ronnie Radke on Why He Doesn’t Release Albums


Falling in Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke pictured with a vibrant red background.

Expect no more Falling In Reverse albums, says Ronnie Radke – Story by Scarlett Hunter, photo by Nick Fancher

Are any more Falling in Reverse albums on the way? Ronnie Radke says he opts to put all his creativity into one song instead

Falling in Reverse fans have likely noticed that the band hasn’t released a full-length album since 2017’s “Coming Home.” So, why are they releasing singles and not full records? In a new interview, vocalist Ronnie Radke explains why he doesn’t release albums anymore.

Speaking with 100.3 The X (as transcribed by Blabbermouth.net), Radke says that “Coming Home” pretty much “tanked.” So, he looked to rap and hip-hop acts to see how they were releasing new music. After seeing that they released singles, not full albums, he decided to go that route. So, no more Falling in Reverse albums. It worked, as Falling in Reverse’s recent single, 2019’s “Popular Monster,” scored the band their first-ever RIAA platinum record. Their later singles have done fantastic, too.

“Well, my album Coming Home didn’t do well — it tanked,” Radke said in the interview. “It did bad. It didn’t do well. The numbers don’t lie like they say — in good ways and bad ways. So, I noticed a lot of bands that were my age that were putting out [new music], trying their hardest and they were trying to figure it out. And I just remember being, like, ‘I can’t put another album out.’ I’m, like, ‘What can I do? Because I don’t wanna go down. I don’t wanna disappear into the abyss of aging emo.'”

He added, “There’s a lot of bands that have done that. So, I looked to rap, like Drake, and I was, like, ‘What are they doing?’ And they’re putting out singles. They just drop a single. Pop artists drop singles. I’m, like, ‘Okay, so what if I put all my creativity into one song instead of putting all my creativity into 10 songs and being rushed to get it out?”

He also said that it didn’t make sense to spread your creativity out over a bunch of songs. “If you put it all into one song, it’s really good. And then you put all your creativity into this music video. And it worked. Slowly,” he explained.

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