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Ronnie Radke songs: Audio Ink Radio names five of the best – Story by Anne Erickson, photo by Nick Fancher

Audio Ink Radio names five great Ronnie Radke songs, highlighting the current Falling in Reverse vocalist

“Your secrets keep you sick your lies keep you alive,” Ronnie Radke sings in the Falling in Reverse song “The Drug in Me is You.” The song arrived on Falling in Reverse’s debut studio album of the same name, which dropped in 2011. At the time, The Drug in Me is You” was more than just an album or a song. It represented a turning point for Radke, as it was his first release since leaving Escape the Fate in 2008.

Radke has enjoyed a dynamic career since he first released “Dying is Your Latest Fashion” with Escape The Fate in 2006. His music has been energetic, passionate and, at times, controversial. Those are also good descriptors for his life. But, through it all, Radke has continued to push the envelope of what it is to be metalcore, incorporating strong elements of hip-hop, pop and more.

Here are five great Ronnie Radke songs, compiled by the staff at Audio Ink Radio. The list includes his work with both Falling in Reverse and Escape the Fate. If you’re new to Radke’s music, this is a choice place to start your journey into his music. Reach out to us with your favorite Ronnie Radke songs on Facebook.

5. “The Drug in Me Is You”

The aforementioned “The Drug in Me Is You” is a highlight of Radke’s catalog, because it marks his first music with Falling in Reverse. Many didn’t know what to expect when he left Escape the Fate. But, Radke proved all the doubters wrong. He released a stunning collection of metalcore songs in “The Drug in Me Is You” in 2011. Moreover, the album’s title track is the culmination of that passion and determination to forget ahead. It’s a catchy song, too.

4. “Situations”

“Situations,” off Escape the Fate’s 2006 release “Dying Is Your Latest Fashion, is certainly one of Radke’s more pop-leaning songs. The track is simply a fun pop-punk number, with Radke declaring, “She loves the way that I tease. I love the way that she breathes.” The song is very upbeat and party-friendly, and the music video is pure bubble gum fun.

3. “Zombified”

Following the huge success of their 2019 single “Popular Monster,” Falling in Reverse released “Zombified” in January 2022. The single is about cancel culture, and even if you don’t dig the theme, the fiery instrumentation and vocalis are difficult to resist. DangerKids vocalist Tyler Smyth and Radke produced the song together, proving they’re quite the dream team, as they’ve been behind plenty of Falling in Reverse’s music.

2. “Voices in My Head”

“Voices in My Head” arrived a few months after “Zombified,” in May 2022. Lightning doesn’t often strike twice, but “Voice in My Head” shot up the charts almost as fast as “Zombified.” The song, once again produced by Smyth and Radke, captures that chaotic feeling of having “voices in my head.” Musically, it features sharp guitars and heavy rhythms, making this a banger.

1. “Popular Monster”

When Falling in Reverse released their “Popular Monster” single in 2019, they were already huge with their own collection of fans. But, “Popular Monster” took them to the next level. The song hit No. 1 on the U.S. Mainstream Rock chart upon its release. It opened Falling in Reverse up to a totally new audience and one that was more mainstream. “Popular Monster” also shows how Radke can switch between melodic singing and spunky rapping in an instant. We’re ranking it his greatest song, because it helped widen his fanbase immensely and made him one of the biggest influencers in popular music right now.

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