Falling in Reverse and Jelly Roll Team for ‘All My Life’


Falling in Reverse and Jelly Roll. The two have released a new song, "All My Life."

Falling in Reverse and Jelly Roll – Author Anne Erickson, Photo via Jeremy Pavia

You never know what Ronnie Radke and Falling in Reverse are going to do next. Seriously. The guys tend to switch things up with their music, one day releasing a nu-metal, metalcore anthem like “Voices in My Head,” and another day going emotional and releasing a powerful cover of Papa Roach’s “Last Resort.” Now, the guys are at it again and releasing another unique song. This time, it’s with country music star Jelly Roll.

Falling in Reverse and Jelly Roll Join Forces for ‘All My Life’

Falling in Reverse have unleashed a new song, “All My Life,” Jelly Roll. The song will appear on Falling in Reverse’s upcoming album, “Popular Monster,” which drops on Aug. 16.

The song truly brings together different genres of music. Falling in Reverse’s metalcore sound comes head-to-head with the country sounds of Jelly Roll, and the result is a song that really sounds somehow natural. I’m not sure how they managed that, but they did. It’ll be interesting to see how far this song goes when it comes to streaming and downloads, because by joining Falling in Reverse’s metalcore fanbase with the massive country following of Jelly Roll, the numbers should be off the charts.

In addition to the new song, there’s also a new music video that features Radke and Jelly Roll in a barroom brawl in a nostalgic Western saloon. During the heavy breakdown in the song, a heavy metal line dance breaks out in the street outside the saloon. It’s such a random and strange music video but it works with the song. I love seeing artists get creative with their clips.

Falling in Reverse and Jelly Roll will both be busy this year. Falling in Reverse will hit to road to promote “Popular Monster” on a major summer tour with Black Veil Brides, Dance Gavin Dance, and Tech N9Ne. The trek will begin in mid-August. Jelly Roll currently has tour dates booked through mid-November. Most of them are part of The Beautifully Broken Tour with Warren Zeiders and Alexandra Kay, but other dates are festival appearances and headlining stints.

Radke and Tyler Smyth produced the upcoming Falling in Reverse album. “All My Life” follows “Ronald,” which features Tech N9ne + Alex Terrible. That song has garnered more than 50 million streams in less than a month and reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Hard Rock Songs chart for three consecutive weeks.

“Falling In Reverse have long made anthems that provoke and inspire,” a press statement regarding the band’s new album states. “Unnervingly ahead of the pack and yet always decisively right on time, their mix of bombastic declarations and intimate confessions connect with diverse crowds worldwide. The rule-breaking, genre-busting, hellraising band delivers raw emotion with double and triple entendre like Molotov cocktails thrown at pop culture.”

Listen to the new Falling in Reverse and Jelly Roll song, “All My Life,” below and watch the official music video. What do you think of this latest collaboration bringing together artists from different genres, Falling in Reverse and Jelly Roll? Contact me at anne@audioinkradio.com and let me know.

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