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Story by Charles Ken

Metal band Demon Hunter go mobile

Sure, Demon Hunter have a fuzzy-warm Christmas track out called, “The Wind.” And they also recently re-signed with Seattle-based heavy music label Solid State Records, promising to deliver more stunningly heavy, ruthless metal music in the coming years. But, did you know the guys now have their own iPhone and iPod touch app?

Download the official Demon Hunter iPhone and iTouch Application to score the most up-to-date news and updates straight from the band, plus check out videos, view photos, listen to Demon Hunter’s music, chat with other fans and more. Get the app on the Apple app page. Label mates August Burns Red have also released an app with similar offerings. Both apps are free.

Demon Hunter frontman Ryan Clark recently spoke out about the progress of the heavy metal band’s highly anticipated, upcoming release, which has yet to claim a name. “We’re knee-deep in the writing process and the songs are sounding as intense as ever,” he explained, in a release. “We’ve always made an effort to stay true to our sound, but we like to push the boundaries of that blueprint with each release.”

What should fans prep your ears to witness from the release? Clark says the compilation of tracks will bring diverse influences, from Viking metal (yes, literally, Viking metal) to classic thrash to ‘90s-influenced rock. “Our goal, as it is with each record, is to blend these influences into one cohesive but unique Demon Hunter album,” he said. Kudos to Demon Hunter for venturing outside the typical metal walls.




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