Muse Channel Skrillex on New Album, ‘The 2nd Law’


Story by Charles Ken

Muse drummer says upcoming album was inspired by metal music, Skrillex

Alternative rockers Muse keeps giving insight, bit by bit, into their upcoming album, “The 2nd Law.” Previously, the band uploaded a two-minute video trailer for the sixth studio album, toting a dubstep-inspired song called “The 2nd Law: Unsustainable.” As for the direct inspiration for the track, drummer Dom Howard says the trio write the track after they went to a show featuring popular dubstep producer and DJ Skrillex.

“We went to see Skrillex in Camden around October,” Howard told NME. “[It] was like a full metal gig, they had circles of death, people were moshing, I hadn’t seen a reaction like that to electronic music before. We took inspiration and came up with ‘The 2nd Law: Unsustainable.’”

Frontman Matt Bellamy chimed in that the guys worked hard to incorporate dubstep into the song without the aid of technology, ie. computers. “Some of that hard dubstep and brostep coming from America, is capturing the imagination,” he said. “We created something that was dubstep-y but we wanted to see if we could do it with real instruments. We wanted to ask, ‘Can rock bands compete with what these guys are doing?’” Fans will get to hear the full Skrillex-inspired track and the rest of “The 2nd Law” when the CD reaches retail stores and online outlets on Sept. 18.




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