Muse’s Matt Bellamy Dishes on Writing Process for ‘Survival’


Story by Cat Badra

Muse’s ‘Survival’ is the official song of the London 2012 Olympics

Muse frontman Matt Bellamy says that the band’s latest track, “Survival” — which has been picked to be the lead, official song of the London 2012 Olympics — was originally intended to be played with another musician. While Bellamy wouldn’t dish who was supposed to guest on the song, he did recently give details about how the song came about.

“I got approached about a year ago to write this song for the Olympics and we were going to work on it with someone, I can’t say who, a good pianist though,” Bellamy told BBC Radio 1. “So I wrote this song with that in mind, that’s why it’s got a lot of guitar and piano at the same time, which normally I don’t do.” Bellamy also stated that the motif of “Survival” is “being completely determined to win, doing it against all the odds.”

In a post on Muse’s official website, the song “will be played throughout the Games, including when athletes enter the stadium, in the lead-up to the medal ceremony, and also as the theme for all international TV coverage… We are honored that the Olympics have chosen our song to officially represent the London 2012 Olympic Games across the globe.”




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