Muse Release ‘The 2nd Law’ Track List


Story by Cat Badra

Muse are set to release their latest album, ‘The 2nd Law,’ on Sept. 17

Britpop royalty Muse are set to release their latest full-length, “The 2nd Law,” on Sept. 17, and the trio just announced the official track list for the set. The album will feature 13 tracks, including the new single, “Survival,” which will provide part of the soundtrack to the London 2012 Olympics broadcasts throughout the world. Read the full track list below.

Muse frontman Matthew Bellamy recently chatted with BBC Radio 1 about “Survival” and how he got involved with the Olympics. “I got approached about a year ago to write this song for the Olympics and we were going to work on it with someone, I can’t say who, a good pianist though,” Bellamy said. “So I wrote this song with that in mind, that’s why it’s got a lot of guitar and piano at the same time, which normally I don’t do.”

Bellamy also explained that the theme of “Survival” is “being completely determined to win, doing it against all the odds.” Not only will the song be played during Olympic broadcasts, but it will also be blasted through the speakers when athletes enter their venues and during moments before the medal ceremonies.

‘The 2nd Law’ Track List:

“Panic Station”
“Follow Me”
“Big Freeze”
“Save Me”
“Liquid State”
“The 2nd Law: Unsustainable”
“The 2nd Law: Isolated System”




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