Soundgarden Drummer on New Album: It’s Humans Playing Instruments


Story by Cat Badra

Soundgarden’s Matt Cameron gives more details on band’s upcoming studio album

Chris Cornell and the men of grunge rock band Soundgarden have been holed up in the studio, putting the finishing touches on their upcoming studio album, which will be their first album of fresh material in 15 years. For fans who have been wondering if the new songs will be signature Soundgarden or something radically different, drummer Matt Cameron says the former is the case.

Speaking with Britain’s Rhythm magazine, Cameron said the tracks on the upcoming set are “not going to be a drastic change at all” from the sound their fans have grown to know and love. “[Our new record is] definitely what people expect to hear from the group,” Cameron added about the upcoming collection of songs. “We’re not going electronic, there’s no loops, no computers, none of that kind of stuff. It’s still humans playing instruments; just it’s more mature humans. Let’s put it that way.”

Soundgarden’s new, as-yet-untitled sixth studio album is expected to arrive in October. Meanwhile, Photofantasm™ Books has announced that they will release a “fan-based photo journal over two years in the making documenting Soundgarden’s reunion” in December, paying tribute to the past few years of Soundgarden. The company is asking fans to submit their Soundgarden concert and fan/crowd photos from the band’s 2010, 2011 and 2012 show for consideration to be included in the book. Read more about how to submit your Soundgarden photos here.




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