Muse Singer Matthew Bellamy Says ‘World War Z’ Inspired Songs on ‘The 2nd Law’


Story by Cat Badra

Muse’s Matthew Bellamy says the Max Brooks novel ‘World War Z’ inspired tunes from the band’s latest album

Muse fans will likely recognize a few of the songs off the band’s sixth studio album, 2012’s “The 2nd Law,” appearing in the soundtrack to the upcoming feature film, “World War Z.” As it turns out, “The 2nd Law” and “World War Z” were a perfect fit, as singer and guitarist Matthew Bellamy says the tunes on the album were inspired by the same novel on which the film centers.

“When we were making the album, I was reading the book ‘World War Z,’ so it was kind of ideal,” Bellamy told MTV News of the Max Brooks read. “The album’s got a lot of themes about the apocalypse; the end of the world, surviving in bleak circumstances… it was just a lovely coincidence that we had these tracks that are inspired by the book.”

“World War Z” is set to premiere in theaters across North America on June 21. The film boasts an A-list of actors, including Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos and Matthew Fox. Meanwhile, Muse are currently touring Europe and in support of their 2012 full-length, “The 2nd Law.”



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