Muse Prepping Live Concert Film, Says Matt Bellamy


Story by Anne Erickson

Muse to release live concert film featuring footage from their latest tour

Muse recently wrapped up a long trek in support of their latest album, “The 2nd Law,” and they’re ready to release some choice footage from the tour to fans. The band has announced that they’ll unleash a new, live concert film later this year. According to singer and guitarist Matt Bellamy, the band recorded one of their recent shows, and the footage will be released as a concert film in stores and movie theaters.

“The best gig this year we did I think was probably the Rome Olympic Stadium…we filmed it and we’re going to release a DVD about that later in the year,” Bellamy told Billboard during a video interview. “We actually filmed it with 4K so I think it’s three of four times more higher definition than HD, so it’ll be the first concert film ever released in…that level of definition. So we’re going to go a bunch of theaters around the world so people can see it in this ultra-high definition called 4K.”

As for new music, Bellamy says he and the rest of Muse already have some rough ideas of songs for their follow-up to “The 2nd Law.” “On the road it’s mainly just loose sketches, bits and pieces,” he said. “It’s not really until you get together in the studio that they really form into songs. So at the moment I’ve got lots of vague ideas, but writing on the road always tends to sound a bit like what you’re touring at that point, so I prefer to kind of save as much of it until you’re actually off the road.”

The live concert movie will arrive before the end of the year, according to Bellamy.



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